Friday, March 25, 2005

Mixed matched of dream pieces!

I was in the theater for China's program to train new, young stars of dancers and singers. I saw a beautiful girl, she was a teacher demonstrating her talent and skill in dancing and mostly singing. She had beautiful voice.

My sister and I were spectators of all these, there were many young girls surrounding that teacher. The teacher's performance was impeccable.

Then the scene changed to an expansive grass of outdoor. Our company was having a conference, so we gathered together on the lawn next to our office building to discuss some issues. But what were the issues that we were discussing, I have no impression.

A figure, a person, giving a lecture, and I was flipping through my journal to get a match of the date of lecture. The reason of my finding a match was not clear.

When I got up about 6:30am , I felt completely exhustive and extremely tired.

I did not feel tired for the last several days when I could not remember any trace of my dream. Could it possible that the act of remembering of my dreams can consume a good amount of my energy?

All the above frament of dreams have one thing in common, it is incomplete. It is as if I were reading random segments of a novel without knowing the whole story. I am wondering, with the re-entry of dream as Mr. Moss suggested, could I retrive other pieces of the puzzle and see a whole picture of my dreams? There are so much to learn and so little time to learn it.

"All things are of the substance of dreams"

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