Saturday, March 19, 2005

Inappropriate behavior!

I seldom take serious nap in Saturday afternoon. What I usually do is to meditate with music. But since I am in this dream training, I thought it might be opportunity for lucid dreaming.

I saw my son's car get worked on by our mechanic, after he fixed the problem, James tried to show appreciation, so he went over and tried to hug that guy. I thought it was not appropriate. The guy was reluctant but went along. Later on, I told James that "you do not embrace a guy like that unless he is family member or you know him quite well". So, James went back to talk and apologize to him. All went well.

The scene then abruptly changed to a whole bunch of school kids of 3-5 years old crammed into a beautiful red convertible sports car. They were actually ready for a ride. I saw that and felt it was wrong for the kids that young to drive. So, I lectured them and called upon parents for their wrong doing. Then dream faded. Was I lucid? No.

For the above two dreams, there were certain level of consciouness in play, so I thought James behavior was inapproriate, and kids 2 to 5 years should not be driving sports car. But the amount of consciousness was not enought to alert me and help me to realize that I was dreaming.

"I will experience a lucid dream tonight, and I will remember my dream"

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