Sunday, February 27, 2005

Funny looking-hat and tattered blue jeans! - Dreams

Funny looking-hat and tattered blue jeans!

This early morning, I experimented one of the lucid dreaming induction techniques called "Wild", Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. After the 1st 90 minutes woke up, I got back to sleep again (because this is Sunday), and started counting process of "1... I am dreaming, 2... I am dreaming, 3... I am dreaming ....". If somewhere along random thought interrupt the counting, I supposed to go back to 1 again. When I read that technique, I thought it was simple and I definitely can do it.

Here is what happened when I did it early morning.

I will count to about 6 then a random thought will pop into my mind, " why are your doing this? this is not supposed to be, .....", then I lost count. Allright, no problem back to square one. "1... I am dreaming, 2... I am dreaming, 3... I am dreaming...." then about 7, again " Have you finished working on that project?" "Time is running out......", lost count again. I was in this hopeless loop for at least seven or eight times, until I suddenly realized what was happening. All right, I now resolve to have uninterrupted counting at least to 50. I finally was able to count to 50, with one interruption that I did not reset to 1 again. I thought I was a meditator, the silence of mind is no stranger to me. Little did I know, our mind sometimes has mind of its own. We have very little control over it unless we exert some effort. This method supposed to keep body asleep and mind awake to the point that I will gradually slip into the dream state but still have my conscious mind awake and aware. I shall do it again some other time.

After a while, I had two brief dreams.

I am having a conversation with a colleage who I worked with at Falcon Cable TV. more than 10 years ago. He is asking me some financial data that I showed him earlier. But I am not able to understand his question. He also wear a very funny looking hat while he is talking, I thought to my self to compliment him, but when he turn around from his previous position the hat is gone. strange.....

I somehow quite conscious and aware that my pant fall out in front of my colleage, I am not embarrassed or ashamed, but I feel a need to get another pant, but I could not find anything suitable. One of the pants is smelly so I put it back. The only one that I can find is a tattered blue jeans. I hesitate , then I see another co-worker have one on which is completely torn apart. Well, since she can wear that then I can wear this. Dream faded!

There is no physical law, no social constraint, simply no laws of any kind exist in the dream world. It might be the reason I was not embarrassed of my pant fell off. When we are in the dream state, anything goes, anything is possible.

A dream world is a unique dimension unlike that of waking world. We have the opportunities to loosing up, seeing reality in different light, performing miraculously superman-like task of flying, traveling to enchanting distant land in an instant. Anything imaginable is possible. That is where I am going!

" All things are of the substance of dreams "

Am I dreaming?

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