Sunday, February 20, 2005

Can't rember a damn thing!

Due to the weekend, I always sleep late. Last night, I watched a movie "Cleopatra" a 1999 version. I watched the old one had " Elizabeth Taylor" as a starring role more than 20 years ago. That production may be grand and expensive at the time, but 1999's version made this historically mesmerizing figure alive and vibrant. She was not only beautiful, but also smart, ambitious, risk taking, sinister at a time, a true surviver. That film went great length to plot the character brilliantly. I really enjoyed the movie. By the time I finished watching, it was about 1:00am.

May be because I slept late, the set schedule was interrupted. I could not remember anything on either the first interval or the second interval setting. But strange though, I felt that I had dreamed a complex dream with many zigzag scenarios in it, I just can't get a handle of it.

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