Friday, February 25, 2005

A baseball turns to cellphone - A Dream

This early morning I dreamed of some big guys playing baseball. They have great skills that are enviable by others. At the end of the game, I saw one of the player threw a fast ball to another player. The other player caught the ball with ease, but strange thing is as soon as he caught the ball, it suddenly became a cell phone, and he was talking to it. I then woke up from it.

This is another case of missed opportunity. My critical thinking faculty (conscious mind) just isn't working in my dream. I did not recognize the strangeness of the ball turning into a cell phone. I have not learned to ask question when something strange like this happens.

In my dream I was not a participant in the game, I was more like a spectator. I also had the feeling that I only remember the tail end of my dream. There was much to it that I couldn't remember. I wonder may be I should get into some kind of memory training so that I can remember the whole dream.

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