Saturday, September 15, 2007

5 - Exit Point

Sylvia Browne is quite famous in the circle of psychic phenomenon. She has published many books and I have read some. Despite of the controversy surrounding her prediction or reading about some missing person's whereabouts and their ultimate destiny, I will say her attitude is quite genuine and sincere when comes to impart her knowledge and wisdom of the mystery of life in many of her books.

There are some esoteric knowledge to which the ordinary mind just could not have access. I found them quite fascinating and just plain comforting to know that our existence is not a random, haphazard, dice tossing probability. According to Sylvia, our lives were carefully charted and meticulously planned in minute detail with best intention from our creator, and accompanied by an array of guides and angels overseeing our treacherous journey on earth.

During the planning stage on the other side, we got to choose where we will be born, who will be our parents, how many siblings we will have, what kind of occupation we will hold, what are the challenges we will face throughout the path and ultimately overcome and what kind of lessons we set to learn in this life time. In the soul level, we actually have known all these in advance. All the seeming tragedy and triumph are all a stage play being very well rehearsed before we embark on this journey. It was way back in year 2001 when I first encounter this mystical knowledge from Dr. Jonathan Parker's "Enlightenment Series". I surely need a lot of reminder to stay put on my path.

The other piece of information is about 5 exit points that we planned during the sojourn of our journey. Since we have painstakingly mapped out our on stage play, it seems logical to believe that we should have also planned ahead of how we are going to exit off stage. Well, it turns out that we have five chances during our life to say "enough is enough, I am out of here". I thought it is generous that we are given that many opportunities to say "yes". We heard stories of "close call"of varied life and death situations in many sources. Could it be that, those "close call" may well be one of the 5 destined exit point that we deliberately set up while on the other side? At the moment of crucial juncture, we tell ourselves that "net yet, I am not ready" and we missed the whatever means of exit plan we devised for ourselves so that we can complete our life's mission and purpose. I thought whoever created us is pretty ingenious and compassionate enough that we are given that many choices.


  1. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Dear Ming Chen,

    On Tuesday, 12/18/07, I had surgery. Upon returning home, I received a phone call from a friend who channels an ancient Middle Eastern female spirit who told me that my channeled message was that my surgery experience was one of my exit dates and that because I decided to stay, I would be given additional "psychic tools" to work with to help on my continued journey. I will let you know what develops as I recuperate! Thanks for the blog.

    Bright blessings,
    Fishkill, NY

  2. Hello Jeanne,

    It is fascinating that you are given psychic tool for further your spiritual journey.

    I am happy for you, and wish you the speediest recovery. Please share with me your experience of this tool. Thanks!

    Love and Light!

    Ming Chen