Saturday, December 09, 2006

Water - Our Source of Life Force Energy

Several years ago, I read a book "The Hidden Messages in Water" from Masuro Emoto. This is an "eye opener". Water, the very essence of our being, is the essential ingredient of life. In fact, without water, there will be no life, let alone human. But most of us take it for granted without any appreciation or acknowledgement of its importance.

However, Mr. Emoto has done research of how our simple thought can actually influence the structure of water molecule. Using high-speed photography, he has captured many photos that demonstrated that water can reflect the consciousness level individually or collectively as a species.

When water was in the presence of good thought, positive energy, classical music, or a simple appreciation, and love, the water showed beautiful, symmetrical crystalline patterns that was breathtakingly wonderful.

But when water was exposed to hateful thought, negative energy, heavy metal music, or unpleasant cursed words, the structure became asymmetrical, incoherent, deformed and just plain ugly.

Why is it important to keep positive thought at all time? A good 75 % of our human body contains water, if we constantly think negative thought, we are actually instilling an incoherent and destructive force to the water molecule inside of us. If nutrients carrying blood cells are immersed in that merky, deformed water, then we eventually will have a diseased body to deal with.

Another interesting discovery from Masuro Emoto was that when water was blessed by a Buddhist monk, the water molecule showed a perfect structure of pattern so it resonanted at a higher level of frequency. Come to think of it, the Christian ritual of saying a prayer of blessing before the meal makes a lot of sense, it shows our appreciation for the bountiful food God provides us. Whether you are Christian or not, I think we all can use this approach to energize our food. We can bless the water we drink, the food we eat, so that it brings in higher frequency of vibration to increase health and elevate our consciousness.

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