Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Persevere, Brother, Persevere!

I seem to have gone through a period of spiritual void. For more than a month now, my meditative session was short and uneventful. I often stopped my meditation after half an hour's practice feeling inadequate and just plain frustrated and ended giving up all together. Deep inside I felt I did not have a good and solid connection with my inner self, and it was just such a waste of time.

However, I am longing for mind travel experiences and I could not stop thinking and hoping almost every night. There are many spiritual experiences seem to happen when we are least expected. Every time I have a special vivid dream or mind travel experience, I will be beaming with happiness several days or weeks afterwards. Most of the mundane daily grind seems to be much more tolerable. It is as if I was temporarily transported to a different realm and witnessed the magical power of the mind. At time, I will be nostalgia of what have transpired in that eternal moment.

I have just gained a better control of my meditation several days ago after a month's fruitless struggle. Spiritual progress is like a zig zag winding road, there are times that we feel that the road that we traverse is about to reach a dead end but as we come closer, a tiny turn is just around the corner. May be that tiny turn could turn into six-lane speedway for all we know. So, my advice to myself, persevere!!

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