Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For One More Day - Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom, the author of " The Five People You Meet in Heaven" just published another new book " For One More Day". A good companion for living.

A tiny little book that you can finish reading it in just a few hours. The story was sad and yet familiar. It was a portrait of our worldly existence, the dramas that convey the feeling of love, triumph, happiness, humiliation, disappointment and betrayal. Isn't this what life all about? This is the story of millions. I bet no one that read the book will not have agreed with the author and said "yes, we have been there, but in a different scenarios".

Sometimes I doubt what the Metaphysicist would have hypothesized about the love of almighty God. They also claimed that we are perfect and we are immortal in a different dimension. I will from time to time buy into this wholesale spirituality. But then again, the world does not function from those assumptions. What I don't understand is that, if we are already perfect and immortal, why bother coming down to earth and go through these endless merry-go-round experiences? Why ego need to learn to be perfect? Ego belongs to us living on earth, and can not be perfect. It is obvious that everyone of us has our unique perspective of life, and it can not be any other way.

In the story of "For One More Day", it was only after he committed suicide, and waited for God's verdict of his living or dying that he was revealed the truth of little secrets in his family. The secrets would eventually set him free from all the years' agony and pain. He was shown the truth only when he was on the verge of transition to the other side. It was a life review and truth revelation process encountered by many in their so called (NDE) near death experience.

I hope we don't have to die to know the secret. I hope we discover and realize the truth every day. It is a wonderful book.

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