Monday, November 20, 2006

Like attract Like!

I am very excited to take on reading C. G. Jung's autobiography again. I must have devoured the book quickly without deep contemplation a year ago that I don't remember what I had read. It is as if this is the first time I read it. While Carl Jung recollected his childhood memories, I found my mind drifting off to my own distant past.

About twenty years ago, I worked in a small company at Temple City. There was a lady sat next to me, her name is Terry Miller. She had the kind of attitude that was arrogant and irritable. I sensed that most of the colleague there were quite tolerate of her. I felt uneasy working with this person. To be honest, she frightened me sometimes. Two months after I worked at this company, I had a strange happening that was unsettling.

One morning I took my son to kindergarten. At the time, I had Ford Tempo, a not too reliable car, but again I was not a very reliable person either. My left rear view mirror was missing, I meant to fix it a while ago, but just never got around to it. I was in a hurry and I could not see very well the distance between the cars in the left lane and it's relationship to my car because of the missing mirror, I took a big risk switching my car to the left lane. As soon as I did that, I heard a terrible engine squeaking sound and a loud crashing impact of my car with a big truck. I was terrified. We both stopped our car in the middle of the street.

A woman with short hair and looked like Terry Miller furiously got out of the truck, started pointing, cursing at me with all the four letter words that she could muster. I was completely numb and terrorized. She called and soon her uncle arrived. She was crying and cursing all over again. Finally policeman showed up. We exchanged the name and insurance company info, and to my horror, her name I found out was Terry Miller, exactly the same name as the person at my work. How could it possible that a woman looked like Terry Miller will have exactly the same name, same rotten attitude, crashing my car in this miserable morning? This was very mysterious indeed!

Years later, I will realize that there is a universal law of like attract like. Whatever we thought of constantly, manifest. I must have been worried and fearful of my work environment often for this to happen. When I was back to my office, I never mentioned that instance to her even after we had warmed up to a better relationship.

I guess it does not pay to be negative in any situation, and I should have fixed that rear view mirror long before the incident. Perhaps there would not have been an accident if I had mindfully done that. It all boils down to being responsible for what one has to do in daily living.

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