Sunday, October 01, 2006

Jumped over a Five-Foot wide cliff - A Dream

I have practiced Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique introduced by Stephan
Laberge from Lucidity Institute for the last several days. It certainly was a challenge.

After four and a half hour sleep and one-hour meditation, I was ready to implement the "WILD" technique. I felt very confident because I have enough of rest for the night. I started counting
"1. I am dreaming, 2. I am dreaming 3. I am dreaming....." , somewhere between 10 to 15 count my mind would wonder for may be just a couple of seconds, then I would forget the number of counting. According to the Lucidity Institute, if we lost track of count, we suppose to go back to
count number 1. Boy, that was annoying! I have recounted the number at least four or five times in every session. Somehow, I simply was not able to focus like I did in meditation, and I thought meditation was harder to achieve!

I had several dreams after practicing this technique, but there was only one of the scenarios did provide me with a dream sign. Unfortunately I did not recognize it until after I recalled my dreams.

" I was taking a trip by airplane, but the plane landed in a wrong side of the airport. The airport is huge, I had no idea how to navigate to the other side of airport where someone was waiting to pick me up. I was searching a solution, then my dream guide came up. I did not recognize either the name or the face. Well, he recommended I walked with him and he will guide me to the place where I should be. To across the field to the other side, we need to jump over a five-foot wide cliff. I felt uneasy and hesitated, but my dream guide just held tight of my hand and we jumped. When I landed I was almost tipped over and fell down the deep cliff because the hill was sloping uphill. Well, I quickly regained my balance and gradually dream faded!

The moral of the story is that how was there a need to jump over a cliff to get to the other side of the airport in the modern day ? That was a perfect dream sign but I did not question it's validity when it was happening. A dream was just a dream after all.


  1. That's a good one. Could it be that to get on the right side of your track (your life? your path?...) you have to overcome what looks like a simple thing (just going to the other side) but requires a great internal "jump", courage and faith to jump into the unknown (it reminds me of the Fool of the tarot decks, representing precisely the leap of faith). And the guide could be telling you to follow your inner voice.
    I also have alot of dreams. It´s a world that fascinates me.

  2. Me, too!

    I've had that jumping to the other side was cliff then it was two buildings...(you know like those rooftop chase scenes in those New York crime series) in my dream I could jump easily from one cliff or building to the other but I was scared to death that my kids couldn't.