Thursday, September 28, 2006

Creativity and Dream

There must be a correlation of my reading " A Billion Customers" and my dream of being in China experiencing various situations. As I contemplated what I have dreamed, everything seemed to be logical and there was no peculiar dream sign that I can reckon with. So, this was an ordinary dream with no signpost pointing to the possible lucidity.

Dream is fleeting! Without catching it in a nick of time, it is almost
impossible to remember after a full day's work. It is a good habit to write it down as soon as we are conscious and aware right after getting up in the morning.

If we ask most people about their creativity, we usually get the answer that, "No, I am not very creative" unless you are a
bonafide artist. I will say the same of myself. But if you have ever kept a journal of your dreams and look back several years later, you will be so amazed that you even were able to come up with so many different dream scenarios. Dream is a creation of our own mind. It is not only our conscious mind that generate those interesting scenes, brilliant conversations, and mind-boggling theatrical scheme, it is a reservoir of human collective unconscious that we are able to tap into the creating process. Now, wouldn't you say you are most creative in your dream?

It is very well documented that many famous scientists, inventors, artists or best-selling authors credited their most creative Masterpieces to their insightful dream scenarios. To cultivate remembering dreams and to learn to be conscious and aware of our dreams do have practical uses in our daily life. In our dream, we are truly unlimited!

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  1. How creative in my dream was I when I dreamt I was asleep in a bed in a to Bigfoot?!?

    Heeee heee heee.

    Hi Ming Chen!
    I came here again for some calm inspiration. I feel like painting today! Glad to see you added the comment capability....

    Thanks for the guided meditation you always take me on :0]
    Who knows where it takes us, huh?
    It's fun just trying to Get There!