Monday, June 26, 2006

A change of plan

Not much inner experience happening last weeks or so for me. I attended my niece's wedding on 23rd of June. Seeing so many lively, gorgeous looking young people laughing and dancing I felt refreshed and invigorated by their upbeat, happy spirit.

I had arranged for Yosemite trip with my mother and my sisters after the wedding ceremony. I was fully committed until Friday before the trip that my son told me that he needed to start his full-time job on next Monday. Since then, I was debating whether I should come home with him to lend some psychological support or not.

Saturday night at about 2:00 am I contemplated the situations and I decided to go home with him. I knew it was crazy and I also knew that I would be scorned fast and hard, and others might not be so forgiving for changing the plan without consulting them first. There was no time to inform or consult anyone in the middle of the night and I had to call Southwest Air to see if I can get a seat on the flight of 9:35 am, and I also need to call Yosemite Reservation to see whether or not I need to be present for checking in because I was the one making the reservation. There were whole series of ramifications came with this decision. On top of that, I will make some people very mad. I knew the consequence of this change way before hand, it certainly would be very inconvenient to my family. But at the time, it was the right thing to do.

Thinking that he is going home to an empty house, starting a new job, with psychological and physical problems, I thought I need to be there. It is not a matter of trusting him to do the right thing, it is a matter of support and companionship in time of need.

My family did not go on the Yosemite trip partially due to my change of plan, instead they went to an interesting place like Napa Valley winery. I trust my two sisters can think of something interesting to do and I am sure they will have good time no matter where they go.