Thursday, March 09, 2006

Revisit Jonathan Parker' Enlightenment Series Program

I have not read many books that are really inspiring lately, so I decided to revisit Jonathan Parker's tape program that set me on the path five years ago. I tell you what! It is still awesome! I am planning to listen to the program while commuting to and from work, and I will use forty five minutes of my lunch hour to work on the meditation that usually followed the lecture.

Today, I listened to the topic of space and time. I found this topic very difficult to understand if I view it from our physical point of aspect. Dr.
Jonathan Parker elegantly explained the concept in a non-technical fashion.

In a nutshell, space and time is a human construct based on our limited experience and understanding of true nature of our universe(s). But when we reach expansive awareness of other realities and dimensions, we then are able to understand that past, present and future practically exist simultaneously in higher plane of existence.

I remember several years ago I had a conversation with a lady who is able to psychically attuned to other people's energy field. I mentioned to her that I like to accomplish highest level of consciousness this life time. She replied that if I thought a lifetime was a long time then thought again, a lifetime was only a blink of an eye in eternity.

At that time, I didn't really appreciate the fact that my hard working life is only a blink of an eye, if it is true then all my suffering and my sacrifice will amount to very little in the scheme of thing of what we call eternity. Later on, I realized that if that is true then all the suffering, misery, pain that a lot of people have to endure in our life time is only a blink of an eye. Well, if I can endure a blink of an eye of suffering and enjoy eternity of happiness then I think we have a bargin.

Well, I have just sidetracked of the topic of space and time, but it is comforting to know that in reality all seeming tragedy, happiness, wealth or poverty are only learning tools that help us get back to our state of pure glorious being.