Thursday, March 16, 2006

Getting a Ph. D. In Metaphysical Sciences

I have enrolled the Ph. D. program in the University of Metaphysical Sciences. It is time for me to work on organized and disciplinary higher knowledge learning.

I have worked on many programs, read many books, I have bits and pieces of broad knowledge and direct experiences from meditation to astral travel, but I feel that I need a more structured learning.

In this day and age, a higher degree or credential is a must if one wants to establish oneself in the field of metaphysics. I have done research about several distant learning schools, the University of Metaphysical Sciences is by far the best and the most affordable. The curriculum are very well rounded, covering many topics that I like to gain in-depth knowledge. I read several sample courses and know the courses will be in attunement with my five years exploration of human consciousness. I am happy to have taken that initiative, and very excited about the study.