Friday, December 23, 2005

Massive paranoia - A Dream

I got up this morning 6:00 am had a very relaxed meditation. I then got back to sleep at 7:30 am.

"I reported an anomaly in our Internet website serving just a warning to our IT department. Soon, IT department started the full scale investigation of possible sabotage. They rounded up all personnel, cubicles were erected, people were interviewed. There were hushed conversation, whispers and subdued volume of voices. There were finger pointing, back stabbing all around. IT department even gave a serious lecture to every department about security issue. A simple observation escalated to the massive paranoia. "

I woke up from the scenario incredulous of what was happening. It is amazing how the group mind once aroused and set in motion, it is like unstoppable avalanche. A little spark can turn into a forest fire, capable of destroying many acres of plantation and many lives.

Dream is an incredible inner experience, no less dramatic than the physical one. The span of time that houses the dream content is also marvelously short compare to the unfolding of physical event. Dream can serve as mini-lesson, if we are lucky enough to learn from it and avoid having to resort to drama of physical manifestation.

The ancient metaphysical teaching uses dream as different level of learning. They suggest the seeker not only pays attention to maintain certain level of awareness throughout the day, but also remember and record our dream content for the wisdom it impart and for future reference. The adept in metaphysics also warn us not to over analyze our dream. Dream is simply another experience just like any others. It could be fun, entertaining and educational.