Monday, December 19, 2005

Armchair Quarterback

It was long time ago that I heard the term "Armchair Quarterback". It struck me there are plenty of 'armchair quarterback' around, not only just about football game, but also about the game of life.

Yes, the armchair quarterback may never set foot on the football field, never have even played a game or two of football. But, they certainly know the rules of the game, they know how the real quarterback should position himself to gain winning advantage during the game, and if the real quarterback would consult them, they may be able to impart a pointer or two.

"Armchair quarterback" is pervasive in family, in society and even in nations. We certainly should teach other nation about democracy by sending the troop in to eradicate the dictatorship and their way of life, because their way of life sucks, and dictatorship is wrong. Our religion is certainly better than other strange sounding, ignorant and superstitious religion. We are more civilized and advanced therefore we are entitled to own nuclear weapons, but not other barbarian countries, because they might misuse the weapon but not us.

The mentality also exists in the fabric of our own family. There are people that have never "walked in your moccasin", or lived one day of your life. But they seem to know all the answers of your problem. They may not know how to handle their own affair but they know all about yours.

Due to the individualization of our experiences, we often can not understand or appreciate other people's effort. We usually do not see what lies behind the scene. The separation of our consciousness make us judgmental about our neighbors or even our own family. I have long abandoned the notion of criticizing, making assumption of others, putting a label of good or bad on others, for I know that I have not lived one day of their life, I am not qualified to judge, or condemn people who are vastly different from me. My duty to this world is to spread the light, uplift the spirit wherever I go with the understanding that in the end, all are gods.