Saturday, December 10, 2005

Astral Travel, a glimpse of our immortality

Last week, I have not had a single mind travel experience. There were several fussy, fragmented, mundane and inconsequential dreams only.

When life gets tough, it is always helpful to gain proper perspective of what we have gone through. With mind travel experiences, I am reminded of my immortal and eternal nature. It also reminds me that others are also immortal spirits who have made a decision long ago to bravely come down to this earth plane to learn and grow. Whatever I have gone through, I accept total responsibility.

Some people encounters difficulty by means of kicking, cursing, screaming, blaming and resorting to violent measure, but some quietly accept the experience with the divine understanding that they made a decision, may be eons ago, that they are now harvesting the fruits (whether good or bad) of their labor.

My mind travel experience provides me with a sense of detachment of all what is happening around me. Just as many ages of esoteric wisdom taught us, there are no death, we are merely shading our outer garment and transformed into butterfly-like spirit, a spirit that is indestructible and incorruptible. No bullet can pierce it, no knife can slice it, no bomb can shatter it, a spirit of pure energy, we are!

"How do you know this?", you might ask. By way of my mind travel, I flew through a great black wall, I was hit by spear, I passed the mass of concrete with all of my senses intact. For a seeker of wisdom and knowledge of life, the experience might not be necessary, but what comfort it provides that we have first-hand experience of who we really are!