Friday, April 01, 2005

A time for everything!

Such a beautiful Friday afternnon in Southern California, so, I skip my work this afternoon to run some errands, picking up books from library, getting maps from Triple A office, reading a dream work book, and getting a hair cut. I feel great of doing all these and have actually accomplished a great deal in a short 3 hours.

Life is too short to be tying up ourselves constantly in the dull office work. I am actually planning to do this often to getting into the habit of occasional relaxation.

The book that I am reading is called "Dream Work-Techniques for Discovering the Creative Power in Dreams" by Jeremy Taylor. Very helpful book indeed. The author has extensive experience in working with groups of people interested in exploring their dreams. He noticed people that are enthusiastic and very positive toward their dream exploration often stop remembering their dream right after joining the group session. What he discovered is that too much emotional attachment for dream exploration may work against us.

That may explain why I have stopped remembering my dream for last several nights. But no matter! Rome is not built in one night! so take heart and relax, there is time for everything!

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