Friday, April 08, 2005

Tapping into subconscious for problem solving

For over two months I had trouble reconciling Newmans Own account. I have gone over detail several times, and I thought there was no stone unturned, but January and February's account were still not reconciled! I started to feel stress and frustration.

Since I have read so many stories about dream incubation for problem solving, so I recited my intention and affirmation several nights hoping my dream can reveal the missing pieces. Night after night, I either dreamed something else or I simple did not rememeber my dream, the dream incubation method did not seem to work for me.

I did spent the last sunday afternoon go over another round of inspecting to make sure I did not miss any pieces, but with no close to solving the puzzle.

About two nights ago, after dinner, I thought it's about time for me to revisit the issue, and time was running out, I need to get this resolved before the year end of March 31's closing.

Once I settled, my gut feeling told me to go through a different approach to check the accuracy of my data, in less than 3 minutes, I found the discrepancy and problem for Janaury was immediately uncovered. I was elated! Then with this new found confidence, I then checked and adjusted the February's data, since some of the February's balance was carry over of January's reconciling items, therefore I knew immediately what should be there, and holy moly! I found the answer in less than another 3 minutes. The total time it took to reconciling was less than ten minutes. It was incredibly magical!

This isn't my first time using my subconscious for problem solving. Dream incubation may work, but in real life, I use what I called problem solving incubation. The only requirement for it to work is that I need to put enough effort and focus on the problem. Take the problem and think, calculate, manipulte the data, look at it in every angle, go through each minute detail, leave no stone unturn for a period of time and then let it go for a period of time. Without intensive and extensive information and focus, our subconscious will not have enough material to work on.

I have been using this method to solve this account many times. After I spent enough time on it, I will usually tell my friends that I will sleep on it. The answer usually come fairly quickly.

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