Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lost in Las Vegas - A dream

My sister ( the one live in New Jersy) and I were in Las Vegas. The first day, everything was fine between us. Then the second day, we had an argument over something, then she left me alone. It was rainy, I was wondering around holding tight of my purse. After a while, I felt I needed to get back to the Casino/hotel to meet her. While walking on the street looking around I suddenly saw the man I used to know. I turned around and ran as fast as I can, but he pursued, he caught up with me fast, and said something that I didn't like to hear, and we walked along and I was devastated inside!

We were turning around a corner and when he was looking elsewhere, at that moment I decided to make an opposite directional run and finally I got rid of him. After a while, I lost my way back to hotel. I knew my sister did not have a cell phone, the only way to reach her is to get there. So, I asked a clerk in one of the shops how to get back to hotel, she pointed the direction and said it is only about 10 miles. 10 miles?! I was appalled, I can't walk 10 miles.... then I woke up!

The time is about 6:30 am. From my experience, if I sleep longer than necessary, I usually have unpleasant dreams ( not necessary nightmares). But I tend to do so on Saturday morning. "Lost" seems to be my recurring dream experiences. This is kind of dream that I don't feel good after waking up, and am glad it is just a dream.

Despite my fervent effort of practicing reality checking every hour during that day, Lucid dreaming is still elusive to me. According to dream research, we have on average of 100 minutes of dream time every night. Isn't it such a waste that we don't recall most of them? of course, ignorance let most to believe that dream is unimportant. So, we sleep through 20 years of our life unconscious. The jewel of our vast consciousness remains mysterious and hidden.

Our waking conscious is like the tip of the iceberg. It accounts for about 10% of our total consciousness, yet we pass the opportunity of knowing our deeper, truer self lifetime after lifetime. For me, this search to know myself is utmost important in this lifetime. Well, what more has to say other than " keep on, and keeping on!"

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