Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Leaking house and earth school

"My son and I are in the city of Santa Monia. We are visiting a house, there are several people in the house. The house is old and leaking on the roof. Especially the rainy season. It is not a pleasant place to be. My son feels very annoyed that house is leaking everywhere, and I am trying to explain to him that the reason the house is leaking is because this was their Grandma's home, it is old and built long ago. A new house will not leak......"

The first question is why did we visit that house?
The second question is why did I have to explain and almost to the point of justify the fact of leaking house to my son? May be this is just an ordinary dream that like ramdom firing of our nerve system that does not worth a dime to ask why. Or may be there really is a meaning?

In our waking life, we sometimes have to compromise our position with that of others. To walk the path of spiritual development, I know very well that even the commonly called failure is not truly failure. Everything has its own timing. We will struggle, we will blunder, we will forget, we will lose despite of our best intention and our mightiest effort. One thing that keep me looking at myself and others situation with compassion and empathy is that "We are gods", only now that we are immersed in the humanly experience and forget our true identity.

The other day, I visited my dad in convalescent home. I saw many elderly people in wheel chairs, lying on bed in pain, need almost all assistance in every day living, and my dad is now using artificial means of tubing to sustain his life. All those scenes look miserable.

But on the other end, this life is only a parenthesis in our forever lasting eternal life, a drop in the ocean, a grain of sand on the beach, a blink of an eye.

This life, like any other lives that we lived is a giant school, our curriculum were predetermined before we enroll. Our teachers are many and everywhere, they could be parents, teachers in mini school, our children and even strangers. We learn through series interactions with others. Everyone has different curriculum and since we are all unique in our spiritual position, therefore the lessons are vast and varied. If we are all like school childrean, does it make sense to say "To err is human"? Of cause, otherwise we won't be here.

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