Thursday, March 03, 2005

"Understanding the system" a manual for life!

This has been the third nights that I was not able to sleep after the 4 and 1/2 hour's wake up. I feel a little frustrated. If I can't fall asleep then I can't experience any dreams, let alone lucid dreaming. I hope the situation is only temporary.

last week, I re-discovered a book that I bought 2 years ago. The book called, "Understanding the System". I read it again since last weekend. It is a book full of wisdom. This is not an ebook, it is beautifully bounded in 3-ring binder. After I finished reading it, I can not help thinking "I would love to get this book to a million hands". The messages are powerful and very enlightening. So, I called the phone number listed, and sent email contact. But, unfortunately, neither the number nor the email were working. Have they gone out of business? It is possible!

I have read many beautiful and powerful books over the last 4 years that are now out of print. It is possible that the wisdom and knowledge conveyed in those books are so advanced spiritually , majority of humanity are not ready to accept them. There are simply not enough audience to sustain its existence.

I really like to contact the author of "Understanding the System". I like to see if he has any projects that worth pursuing. My proposal will be to form a partner with one of my favorite e-zine author to promote this book in the internet. Well, it is a great idea that has to wait for now.

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