Thursday, March 10, 2005

Dream as a progress report of life

I am reading a booked called: Dreaming your real self by Joan Mazza. It's an excellent book about dream, using dreams to understand ourselves. After several chapters, I started to explore my dream journals in this blog page. I feel there are other possible interpretations of my dreams.

Keeping a dream journal, Joan suggested, it's a good idea to flash back what happened during the day. Often times, dreams are the reflection or deframentation of our current life situation. By going over what happen in our daily activites, the message, meaning and lesson of the dream could reveal itself. As she puts it : "Dream is a progress report of our current life situation."

"All things are of the substance of dreams"

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  1. Hi Ming Chen,

    What's your take on lucid dreaming then?

    I dream constantly every night.

    Hope to hear from you soon! ^_^