Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Shopping for two - A Dream

I have followed the routine last night. The first interval of 4 and 1/2 hours waking up did not bear any fruit of dreams of any kind. So, I set up subsequent 90 minutes interval and woke up at 6:30am.

My dream was vague and foggy. I remembered my co-worker Trista was there. I remembered about go shopping, got to the register stand and paid two items, but what did I buy was completely beyond me. And there was a sense of favor being played out here. I think partially because of my relationship with Trista. She and I have been working on AT & T's accounts closely, we have been helping each other in that regard. But the dream thing was just bits and pieces, like puzzle that had many missing pieces, and it was completely incomprehensive.

I was contemplating my approach of learning lucid dream. I would like to abandon using "Audio Stimulation CD", as least temporarily. This CD is 1 hour long, and I know that when the CD is playing, I would not fall asleep. So, I practically lose good one hour of sleep. By the time of first interval I was still tired and sleepy. Instead of using this electronic gadget, I am going to use reality checking, intention affirmation and let nature take over the learning process. I don't know how thing will work out, or how long it would take, but I am going to continue on course to learn lucid dreaming.

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