Saturday, May 21, 2011

In Memory of James Wu (1983 - 2011)

To James:

You claimed you will be happier in other world.

May it be--as you wished.

Most earnestly:

May you be happy, at peace

At your new existence,

In your brand new identity.

May the new world under your command

As easy as bending your finger.

May your brand new world listens

when you are in deep thoughts,

rejoices when you laugh.

weeps when

you cries.


Yes, you can have your way.

I, your auntie, would rather

You have your way

If that makes

You happy

Even though

The mention of James

Will always brings about

Tears, to no end…

Be your own King,

Your own world maker,

Your own magician,

Your own comedian.

Flip your finger,

Roll your eyes,

The new world is waiting to serve you.

Just send a thought,

They’ll execute the rest,

Easy as that.

Before I forget:

close your eyes,

And feels this:

A warm pink and white light

Wrapping around you.

You may not sense this before.

But it has always be with you.

- by Ming-Zhi Yang, James' Auntie, New Jersey


  1. James' Auntie5:36 AM

    You just left the party too early for us to have a heart to heart conversation. You just concluded too fast that there is nothing much left in the party. But, if you only gives the party a little patience, you might have a totally different perspective. For one thing, at least you would have known your Auntie a little better. And perhaps you would have found that you could have an Auntie as a buddy.

  2. nice to see your blog read two three article.. taken two three photos perhaps u will not mind...Nice that you are making spiritual progress.. myself in the same boat... I agree the the more effort you make more intense desire comes for goal read some where in ur blog

  3. Anonymous9:31 PM

    James, it was your birthday. May you be happy on heaven. Ming Y