Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Little Reflection

During last two years, I have not written anything substantial in regards to my inner development. I often find myself in a juncture of being torn on the crude reality of living. By subscribing to "Thought for Today", it become my daily spiritual companion providing crucial source of emotional support when no human could have ever done it without overly biased and critical.

There are times that when I desperately need guidance and I would often find the passage in "Thought for Today" embalming to my troubled soul. Like everything in life, I learn, I stumble, I get up and I keep going. Looking back to all that I wrote years earlier, I can only say that things has changed drastically in the direction that I have trouble avoiding it from moving into the ultimate collision with the unseen catastrophe.

Even with this unpleasant ultimatum, I still believe that there is a purpose and reason of my experiencing this harsh reality and not all is lost with whatever the consequences I will be facing.

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  1. liked reading and so eye catching pics...