Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dreams from My father - by Barack Obama

Two months ago, I had the good fortune to read this book and it has inspired me tremendously ever since. And I am not alone in this good cause for change. Given the current Bush Administrations' failed and reckless foreign policy that alienated America from the world over, we need a leader who advocates unification not incites division. We need a leader who understands the good time and the bad time average America has to go through in the struggle to excel in life. Barack understands and he is one among us.

America is on the historical crossroad for change. We can fall back to the old era of sinking Titanic in economy and warfare, or we can rise up a nation of responsibility and accountability, inspiring justice and liberty for all the world to see.

The following are the reviews from the reader.......

"Considering the high level of education Obama's achieved, that the book is written well should be no surprise. But what is so amazing about all this is that currently the election campaign of Obama's Republican opponent is attempting to encourage the voting public that there is an impenetrable veil of mystery surrounding candidate Obama; mystery about his morals, his political affiliations, his religious obligations.. It seems obvious to me that anybody in this country or this world could find the man revealed with maximum clarity simply by reading this exceptional book. The latest Republican hocus-pocus is nonsense."

"This will clear up any doubts about the character of this man and his appropriateness to lead our country."

"Superior Read! This book allows you to get up close and personal to the Author. Well Done. I highly recommend."

  • I hope you take your MTV time off to read this book.

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