Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seven Year's Inner Climb

I have been walking the path of self-development for many years, but most intensive and consciously aware period was of the last seven years when I first discovered Dr. Jonathan Parker's Enlightenment Series in early year of 2001. At the time, I threw my heart and soul into the frenzied endeavor of trying to get rid of varied unwanted habits, to resolve the cluttered past bruises and wounds with the hope of transforming myself into a new and a better version.

For the first three years, my life was like a beautiful river flow; smooth, restful and unhurried. I had encountered many astral travel experiences that expanded my vision of reality into a world of mystics. I was constantly elated by my night travels, and through these inner experiences, I am convinced that we are not merely our body and senses. There is more to life than meets the eye.

The last four years have been difficult for me. No matter how wonderful my inner life is, eventually I will have to come face to face with the reality of living. In a way, I am grateful of how the way the difficulty emerged, it emerged when I was most ready to face it. I was equipped with three years worth of understanding of how the body, mind and soul work together to support our existence and the treacherous journey of our soul's evolution. This simple understanding was a gift to me. It shielded me from being thrown into vortex of highly charged emotional tornado that I had no control whatsoever. The past had lived and gone, but it haunted me day and night. I have now fully realized how timely my metaphysical training was, it was god send.

Life's challenge is undoubtedly ongoing. Whenever I believe I have climbed over the peak, there is always another one looming large above the horizon..

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