Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Spiritual Warrior !?

Whenever I look into the subject of spiritual advancement, I encountered several times a curious term called 'Spiritual Warrior", describing a fearless composure of an adept battling one's ego to reach higher order of mental plane. The term is oxymoron and it is kind of like saying a person is "cruel kindness", or "benevolent dictator", quite self contradictory in my humble opinion.

The history of mankind is riddled with conflict, dispute and warfare, it is hardly an appropriate way to label a person "warrior" when one's lofty goal in life is simply to achieve a sense of oneness, peace and tranquility in harmony with one's environment and to broaden the capacity of empathy in one's daily encounters.

After all, the major advancement in spirituality is not about doing battle with others externally or dragon slaying of our personal sin complex internally. It is more like letting go of our self- important ego; the ego that prevent us from seeing others as ourselves. A person who walks on the path of self discovery is merely trying to polish a mirror filled with a thick layer of greasy dust accumulated over thousands of years. Underlying that filthy dust, lies a shining, glittering mirror of perfection, some call it our "Buddha Nature".

The way I see it, the words of "Spiritual Warrior" probably come from our warring nature in the affair of the world. We seem to be constantly doing battle either with ourselves or with others. In this context, the realm of spiritual is considered one of the invisible domains that can be conquered at will by the earnest devotee. But still, "spiritual warrior" is unequivocally paradoxical to my understanding of the way of the spirit.


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    It is considered a Warrior because of the adept training and perseverence that has gone into the mastery of the dream of reality and a warriors blade is his sharp opened mind that cuts throught the media propoganda and social conditioning that has gone into domesticatating us into being breathing eating crapping viruses imposed upon this earth to consume kill and aquire out of FEAR of not having enough, or being enough , or getting enough.

    The Spiritual Warrior is given this title because he/she is a Soldier that is fighting against the mind control that has been placed upon us so we won't challenge the gov't or others ideas or ego driven opinions, and when you have even begun to atttmpt this in your life and then devoted your life to seeing the human race free from the Matrix of predictable patterns and outcomes that are generate dby our gov'ts to control the masses and keep us as eating breathing consumers that give them money for power greed and control, then you will realize why we have earned the title of a warrior...because we did not roll over in front of the television and just watch others die or simply sit in a room hiding away and meditating to escape the fact that we live at all but that we had the courage to fully be alive in the moment and walk as free men walk wild and free and express ourselves creatively and love one another passionatley and to overthrow the ruler of our minds and reclaim ownership of ourselves.

    That is the Way of the Warrior..it may not be the way for everyone and that is OK you need to be yourself and do what is right for you as long as it is not driven by EGO FEAR needs to escape or conquer

    But I hope that it can answer some of the Paradox you were finding with that term, it is a way of life that is passionate alive and free and full of the same awareness that you achieve in your mediatation it is just different.

    I have never turned away a man in need or turned down a mouth to feed and I love my fellows with my heart and soul and would lay down my physical life for them, to be free...That is My Path and My Way and it is not the Way for everyone but it is the way for some and we need warriors here becaus eif we didn't have warriors who could get through to the truth and see the EGO for what it is and we all just sat around all day Meditating(which by the way I do sometimes)and did not fulfill the creator's purpose to experience create, learn and be alive then what the hell would be the point in being on Earth if we just sat around all day and chanted or followed our breath...then I my as we ll go back home right now because that is the peace we recieve when we take our dirt nap and change form into the new conciousssness and transformation....and that right is EARNED

    I send my blessings,

    No intention to offend.

    Happy Hunting


  2. Thank You, Richard for your insight of how the term spiritual warrior comes about.

    I now understand that the uncommon path of spiritual warrior is a battle against the tidal waves of social conditioning,government control and the false ego that has gripped the humanity for so long.

    Now I can see why we need a fighting spirit to overcome many obstacles that stand our way for reaching truth and liberty.

    Thanks for your input!