Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kite Runner - A novel

It was a chance encounter that I had the opportunity to read this book. Ever since Starbucks Coffee raised its coffee price, forever conscientious of how I spend my money on luxurious indulgence, I have not set foot to the store for over several months. But on one of the recent Sundays, weather was hot and humid, I suddenly remembered how refreshing and invigorating a cup of ice Coffee would do to jump start my precious, fleeting weekend.

Not only was I satisfied with that particular cup of coffee that cooled and flavored my Sunday morning, I also came away with an introduction of a book called Kite Runner. A story that was so engrossed that I even dreamed of some characters as if I was a part of it. That had never happened before. I have read countless books over the years, but not many books were so gripping that it will occupy my mind almost day and night even after I have finished reading it.

The background of the story is in the war torn era of Afghanistan. The novel brilliantly embodied and illustrated the whole array of human emotion of friendship, acceptance, humility, loyalty, betrayal and redemption in its most vivid and engaging plot that will hold your attention and interest all the way to the end.

Life is a boomerang after all!

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  1. This was an extremely enjoyable reading experience. I loved this book.