Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are We the "endangered species" ?

History of mankind has gone a long way and we have literally become caretaker of the myriad species on land, in water around the entire planet earth. In the last hundreds of years, mankind's technological knowledge and application surpassed the last many thousands by leap and bound. We have come to the age of quantum physics, Laser technology and nuclear weapon, a point of our advancing civilization where we are at a technological crossroad.

On the other hand, human nature seems to stay pretty much the same throughout history. We are just as easily provoked by our neighbor at the slightest implication as of a cave man fighting for food and survival. It is undeniable that entire human history is littered with bloodshed and conflict. But we have learned a great deal as a species and we are much more conscious and aware of the impact affecting the ecosystem as a result of our actions, our exploitation of natural habitation and resources.

As a naturally warring species, we come to the point of our civilization that we do have the technology to obliterate our very existence if we do not carefully plan ahead of how we are using the technology in the future. I am introducing a book called, "endangered species - How we can avoid mass destruction and build a lasting Peace" written by a former Director of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Stephen Younger. His analysis is very well rounded, bringing the forefront of political diplomacy, economic development and military capabilities into the round table of peace initiative intending to stabilize the troublesome regimes in the world. The fact that there are a score of countries now having the capability to construct nuclear weapon of mass destruction is worrisome. Now that the enemy that we are facing is not so much of technology in nature, but that of humanity itself. If we are not careful, We can become a very efficient killing machine having potential to plunge entire human race along with the natural world to the brink of extinction.

Out of these three fronts, I am particularly interested in the illustration of economic factor. Most of us has an inherent desire to better ourselves if given the opportunity. Much of the troubled spots of the world are politically unstable and the citizens are deprived of basic and essential living needs. Ever since the instant communication and rapid transportation become the reality worldwide, no one and no nation can be isolated for long. With the ever expanding information and resources now available to people all corners of the globe, this phenomena is increasingly becoming a double-edged sword for the safety of nation and its people. The book,"endangered species"brings vast knowledge and wisdom to the thorny issue of nuclear technology.

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