Friday, May 04, 2007


Since the NBA games are ongoing into their Semifinal conferences, I am busy keeping up scores and have to compress the little time that I have to work on UMS' meditative session in the small window of over packed daily schedule. The subject of the meditation is Manifesting Skills.

I worked on the first three tracks of Deserving and Receiving, Working With Pre-Matter and Magnetizing & Manifesting. I can honestly say that these are one of the most beautifully guided meditation that I have ever experienced. The background music is incredibly relaxing and uplifting. The narrative from Dr. Breese speaks of time-tested truth of the laws of the universe. Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve!

Then came the ultimate Gemstone of this fourth and final track of Surrender & Being Carried. This is, what I believe, a seldom revealed secret of the Universal Truth. If we know that we are spiritual, eternal beings who voluntarily stepping down to the earth plane to experience various scenarios of theatrical settings, then we know that the world at large is a grandstand of illusory projection of God's mind. After going through sixty, seventy or eighty years of lifetime experience of pain and pleasure, health and sickness, we then fade away from the theater of life and back to our true home from where we came. In this regard, there is little point of desiring and accumulating things that are not lasting. The only thing that we can bring home with us is our experience.

We all wish to manifest what we desire like money, fame, or a lifetime of leisure and comfort, but we might not necessarily get it no matter how hard we tried and we wished. May be in our destiny, the leisure and comfort are not really the highest good for our soul's learning and growing. In our true state of being, we do not need any material things, conquer any obstacles or battle demons in our dark side. But, once we incarnate in the earth plane, we, soul then have to labor continuously in order to sustain our bodily function for a reasonably happy life. No wonder we all want to manifest good things so that we can enjoy life while it lasts.

By surrendering our will to the will of the divine, we are carried by the spirit throughout our life. As Dr. Breeze said it well, we don't really know every aspect of our life, therefore we don't know what is for our highest good. Often time that when I pray for people or myself, I do not pray so that whatever the symptom, disease or problem to go away, but I pray that "For the highest good, I ask Love, Light and Blessings of God be sent to the person" and let the Universal Intelligence take over whatever blessing the person need for one's highest good.

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