Saturday, March 10, 2007

Deep Meditation - How Does it Feel Like?

Throughout the ages, sages across the boundary of culture, race or nationality often left the mark of their literary wisdom preaching about the effectiveness and necessity of regularly still our mind to reach deeper, eternal part of us for guidance. Meditation is one of the universally affirmed methods of tapping into the wisdom of our god self. As important as it may seem, meditation is also quite elusive and it's not something that we can master in weeks or even years, it is more likely a long and meandering pursuit of lifetimes.

Ever since I have walked the path and committed myself to this process for over six years, I have truly appreciated Dr. Parker's warning about staying on course and knowing that there is no short cut to enlightenment. Starting on the year of 2001, I listened to Dr. Jonathan Parker's "Pathway to Mastership", "Piercing the Illusion" and finished all the "Enlightenment Series" over the course of two years. Most of the meditation in the album is guided by Dr. Parker. Even Dr. Parker stated that guided meditation is not a true meditation, he encouraged us to occasionally break away from guided session and just go on our own.

I was so used to the guided meditation that it was very difficult for me to get going on my own session. It was not until the end of year 2002 that I earnestly started doing it on my own. It was a struggle all along. With four years meditative experience tugged away in my consciousness, I now want to know how the deep meditation feels like? Internet has a lot of information about meditation, but they tell you more about various techniques and many health benefit of meditation, but what I like to know the most is how we supposed to feel in a deep session.

After many months painstaking soul searching, I realized that meditation is an art, and every meditator is an artist blazing their own trail of inspiration and illumination. Each one of us can have as many distinct and individualized experience as of our billions of population entail. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. The only requirement is to still the monkey mind of ours, even that is also negotiable sometimes. I have personally experienced the expanding sensation of energy while my mind was still engaging in very worldly internal dialogue. When that happened, the thought was like thin layered puffy cloud drifting in a vast space of blue sky. The cloud no longer played a dominant role in my consciousness, instead it was just icing on a cake. The sky remained pristine blue!


  1. Anonymous3:29 PM

    yes i know what you mean
    i too would like to know what "deep meditation" feels like. but as you have stated, due to overwhelming diversity within a species, i suppose there is no true way to "feel" as such. i assume wonderful emotions and peacfulness would definately feature, remembering that all 5 of the senses can be evoked during a meditation which could lead to truly out of this world experiences, even spiritual experiences.

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  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    It feels as if your having a massive DUMP

  4. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Haah anonymous, i agree, it's like that feeling you get after holding a pee for so long, and the comfort of finally not having to hold it

  5. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I was surrounded by some energy and was not able to feel any parts of my body except my breathing was faster but after few minutes i was really energetic and very happy. I was never happier like that before ; my tears ran down. I really donot have words to explain it . I love doing it now and then.