Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cell Phone, my dream sign

At the end of the day, a lots of people waiting outside of our office anticipating the announcement of Real Estate sale. One of my coworker was also there waiting. I asked the organizer what type of houses were for sale, he said in a strong accent that there were town homes for sale. Well, I said I was not interested in Town home. So I walked out of the area.

I walked toward the parking lot, the more I walked the more I was confused of where I parked my car. While I was searching for it, I took out my cell phone, looked at it and ready to dial for help. I noticed that my cell phone had a block of red markings on it that I did not recognize it before. At that moment, I suddenly realized that "I am dreaming". I was really excited. I thought to myself, I need to find a way to know this is really a dream. It happened that next to the parking lot, there was a booth carrying all kinds of merchandise for sale. I thrust my fist several times trying to smash the displayed merchandises. Well, the merchandise weren't breaking. The lady watching the booth was completely oblivious what I was doing. As if she did not see me at all. Well, the proof was
irrefutable that I was dreaming.

"So what do I do in this big dark parking lot?" I thought I like to float up to the sky, immediately I floated up to the dark sky, it was dark, and everything on the ground got smaller and smaller. I noticed there was white dressed angel floating along with me, we spun around several times. Since I did not know how to sustain the lucidity, gradually I found myself fully awake and back to my normal sense.


This was the first time that I recognize the change of appearance of my cell phone as a signpost of my being in a dream.

" All things are of the substance of dreams"


  1. How exciting!! You got to do anything you wanted and you chose to fly with an angel.

    Cell phones are amazing even not in a dream state. You can make movies with 'em! Crazy.

  2. Anonymous10:27 AM

    lol. u realized that u were dreaming? yet, the dream continued.. hmm, funny story haha, i almost bought it. anywaz, cool setup.