Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Meditational Ritual

I have so much trouble stilling my mind while meditatng. I feel that I am going ten steps backward from my progress. I sense that if I just plunge myself ino meditation without preparatory work, I will end up fighting and clearing the cobweb and all intruding thoughts. The precious time that I spend will be unproductive.

I now set a clearing process for meditation.

  1. Say a prayer - Dear God, my Higher Self and my spiritual guides, please help me still my mind so that the magic presence of God will reveal itself to me.
  2. Resonent tuning on "OM" sound 7 times while exhaling on deep breath. The humming of "Om" sound raises the frequency and vibration.
  3. Imagine the golden light energy from my Higher Self descending down from heaven, entering in Crown Chakra, and gradually permeate every cell, every atom of my being. The light now expands, radiates out 10-ft. all around for the duration of the meditation. The golden light is to protect and repel external undesirable influences, and it purifies entire being so that I am ready to meet my guides, converse with Higher Self, and be one with God.
  4. Affirmation - I am the infinite universal consciousness, infinite in love, infinite in wisdom and knowledge, infinite in abundance and prosperity. Be still and know I am God.
  5. Relaxing every muscle of body, gradually move the focus of relaxation from toe to head and reach a state of "body comfortably at sleep, mind fully awake and aware".
  6. Stay silent for the duration of meditation about one and half hours.