Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Life Purpose

Wow, I have been absent from logging into my blog page for about a month. During this month, I have gone through many roller coaster emotional ride. First of all, I read a novel called, "Da Vinci Code". It is a fascinating story but this novel also got me inspired to want to travel to see the world. This got me really depressed.

I started to fantasize the possibility of getting out of job (Just over broke) and do what I really want to do. I have been working on reaching highest goal for about 4 years. I just felt that I was not progressing fast enough. I have limited time to do my meditation and other related program. Actually, I literally taking very little lunch so that I have time to work on my program.

As if it is not enough, there was an incident that at work that got me fully awakened to the fact that I am not doing the things that is in alignment with my life purpose. I don't feel fulfilled of what I am doing.

So, I searched all over and found "Inner Expansion" program. I got my life chart knowing my strongest spiritual gift is prophecy, which is inner knowing, hunches. I believe that is probably true. Then in the session of the chart talking about my life purpose, that session was quite unsettling.

My life purpose according to "Inner Expansion"'s reading is "I convey my inner feelings with gentleness". I thought that couldn't be my life purpose. It just sound too simple , if that is my life purpose, does it take a whole life to live and share this little sentence? I still have doubt of all these. The founder and chartist in Inner Expansion are great people. They tried to help me to connect to my spiritual helpers, but I seemed to not getting it for whatever the reason.
Then I was invited to go to a seminar about investment in tax lien certificate.

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